NewYork Escort Agenlina


Hhr 1 US$800

Hour2 US$1,500

3hour US$2,000

Night from 8 pm to 4/5 am US$5,000

Based in:

New York, New York, United States

Caters to:

Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couple

Availability: Incall / Outcall

About me:

Hello, love. I had a feeling you'd find your way to me… I’m Angelina 25 yo model, artist and influencer 20k+ followers I’m from Ukraine My interests: snuggles, mutual massages, long deep talks about the worlds mysteries, sensual striptease, kisses , shopping, travel, physical fitness, and all of the beautiful luxuries life has to offer... You are different.. It’s not the usual pleasures in life that you feel like you are missing. You are here because you want an escape from expectations and to break free from the mundane. My goal is to make you happy. Here, there's no pressure to be on. With me, it's about what you want and what brings you pleasure. Yes, your success is admirable, and you've earned the accolades and respect. You've devoted everything to your company, your team, your friends, and family. But you are also so much more than what you've been acknowledged for. Underneath the surface, I can tell you're yearning for something greater, something different. Just think... ❗️Current photos is Mine! And 100% real❗️ ❗️I do not accept calls before verification. ❗️After the verification, I accept video calls. ❗️Ask me for the link for my reviews. Can’t wait to see you 😍 ❗️Dear please begin your conversations politely. You need to introduce yourself. Tell me the city where you are located. In addition, please give me the day and time you would like to meet. You should not say, hey what’s up because that is not polite.

  • Gender: Female

  • Ethnicity: European

  • Age : 20

  • Height : 175 / 5'9"

  • Weight: 52Kg

  • Cup size : C


Hour1 US$1,000


2 hour US$1,500

3 hour US$2,100

Overnight US$7,000

From 8 pm till early morning


Please, start conversation polite way, introduce yourself, city you at and day and time you like to meet ) not "Hey" "whatsap" ...end etc unpolite style